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We set ourselves apart with education. Helping children develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually – using "play" as our primary teacher tool – is both our passion and our mission. We encourage and empower our teachers' enthusiasm for learning. Our wide range of age-appropriate activities and experiences results in something special: children who can't wait to share their latest discovery.

To help you feel as if you're part of your child's day, we have many ways to share his or her adventures, moods, and milestones. In addition to detailed and insightful communications are your child progresses, our centers support formal and informal check-ins. Studies show early childhood is often the most important time in your child's education. That's why we design our programs to help your son or daughter become a lifelong learner – someone who will never stop wanting to know why, how, where, and what.

All children need opportunities to be responsible, to make choices, and to be treated with respect. Our programs encourage your child's growth and development with early learning experiences that build a strong foundation for his or her social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

We believe each child has unique talents and interests. Our teachers honor these differences by providing your child with customized attention and activities that enable your son or daughter to learn and grow at his or her own pace and in your child's own way. This hands-on approach, combined with our balanced, is designed to encourage children to become confident, happy and self-aware.

The underlying principles of our program are:

Children learn through active exploration.
Children initiate their own learning.
Learning takes place through open-ended experiences.
Adults are facilitators of children's learning.



12 months - 3 years

Infants - Lovebugs
Ones - Cuddlebugs
Young Twos - Busy Bees
Older Twos - Honey Bees
Threes - Caterpillars

In the toddler program, we build on skills learned as an infant and provide a safe and happy environment for toddlers to become more independent. Problem solving, concept formation, cooperation and self-help skills are also introduced. Our teachers provide a high level of interaction while individually nurturing each child.

Program Include:
• Daily whole group instruction
• Monthly thematic units that provide a variety of daily activities
• Development of children's confidence, self esteem and the love of learning
• Regular communication between teachers and families to keep you informed about your child's experience.
• The Creative Curriculum

2 to 3 years olds
Two year olds are very curious about the world about them. Our experienced teachers provide many outlets for creative expression. Your child will flourish in an environment filled with child initiated activities that balance play and discovery by teacher direction and instruction. Early pre-schoolers are guided in making an important transition from individual play to group play. Creative activities encourage self expression through movement, painting and dramatic play.

Program Include:
• Variety of cognitive, physical, social and emotional development activities
• Daily small group instruction that promotes skill development
• Environment focused on the development of the whole child
• The Creative Curriculum
• Computer Lab


Pre-School & Pre-K

2.5 years to 4 years old and 4-5 year olds

Threes - Caterpillars
Fours - Cocoons
VPK - Butterflies

Your child's preschool program embraces the joy of learning and uses research-based principles as the cornerstone of instruction. In addition to providing comprehensive, integrated instruction in all developmental domains, it provides a systematic and sequential continuum for building skills and concepts. Your child receives a fun daily routine that develops key social skills and interactions that build a strong foundation for meeting future academic challenges.

Program Include:
• Daily small group instruction that promotes skill development
• Hands on experiences to heighten cognition and problem solving skills
• Thematic units that encourage curiosity and self direction and confidence
• The Creative Curriculum
• Computer Lab

The Pre-k program serves as a precursor to private or public school. This program offers a balance of fun, creative, hands-on activities as well as more traditional, measurable venues of learning. Our Pre-Kindergarten Program will do more than prepare your child for success in elementary school. Individual attention and a strong emphasis on reading and math provide each child with a solid foundation for elementary school success. The literacy rich environment at Kid's Place begins with phonetic awareness and conventional reading. With these skills, children have the foundation to begin reading text fluently and writing to communicate information, thoughts and ideas confidently.

The Program Include:
• Preparation for kindergarten and future success in school
• Development of a strong vocabulary through letter sound and sight word introduction
• Hands on experiences to further independent creative learning
• Daily small group instruction in math and literacy
• The Creative Curriculum
• Computer Lab

School Age

School Age & Camps

5+ year olds

School Age - Grasshoppers

After School Program

For students five to twelve years old this time at Kid's Place is both fun and educational.

The After School programs offers:
• Opportunities for your child to work on their homework.
• Enrichment classes such as Computers and Music
• A large outdoor play space that could include a climbing structure and water park
• Time to social with friends and play board games as well as computer access
• Transportation from local schools

Summer Camps

Summer, Winter and Spring Camp

For students five to twelve years old the summer camp program blends fun and recreational adventures with activities that have learning outcomes. Details of the summer camp program are listed below:
•Fieldtrips, guest speakers, community and family events
•Ancillary opportunities such as tennis, basketball or soccer camps
•Theme based weekly activities


Physical Development
We offer opportunities to develop coordination, balance, and agility. We work on developing both the small and large muscles of the body. The brain wires for motor development from birth to 2 years and refines that wiring between 2 and 6 years.

Social-Emotional Skills
Children learn to control their behaviors, build interpersonal relationships, self esteem and self help skills. The brain will wire for social behaviors and emotional intelligence from birth to 4 years. It will refine and strengthen this wiring between 4 and 8 years.
Communication Skills
We build both receptive (listening) and expressive (speaking) language skills. The most fertile time in a child's life for the acquisition of vocabulary is from birth to 5 years. By the time a child is 5 years, he or she possesses three-fifths of his or her vocabulary.

Thinking Skills
Children develop the understanding of cause and effect relationships and practice problem solving in everyday activities. The understanding of cause and effect relationships, the basis for problem solving, wires between birth and eighteen months. Problem solving itself wires between eighteen months and age 4 years.


We use a variety of methods and tools – including observations, portfolios, and developmental checklists – to continuously monitor and support your child's development. Constant interaction with the children allows teachers to appropriately assess their skills and developmental levels. In addition to influencing the ways teachers adjust and modify curriculum, daily observations also help teachers complete developmental checklists and collect work samples for portfolios.
Developmental checklists help teachers observe, record, and evaluate each child's skills, knowledge, behaviors, and accomplishments. They reflect common objectives and expectations in classrooms like ours that are structured around developmentally appropriate activities. The behaviors and skills described in the checklists are those considered to be important and developmentally appropriate for children within each age group.

The teachers of our youngest learners maintain portfolios of each student full of photographs, anecdotal notes, and work samples. From two years of age through pre kindergarten, your child's portfolio will illustrate his or her abilities at the time each item was collected – which gives you an at-a-glance way to see your child's progress over time. Constant monitoring is the key. You always know how your child is – socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.



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